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The 30 Pounder
Bulk packaging....
Package Includes
10lbs of pork chops or roasts, 10 lbs of ground beef (we use fresh ground round, which is about 15% lean) and 10 lbs of chicken breasts



Ground Meats

Sold in 10lb bulk packages ready for the freezer

Ground Chuck $44.99

Ground Round $44.99

Ground Sirloin $54.99

Shop Trim $42.99

Breakfast Sausage $29.99



Gourmet Burgers

10lbs of premium burger patties ready for a grill

Prime Rib Burger $55.99

Bacon Blue Cheese $49.99

Jalapeno Cheddar $49.99

Ranch $49.99

All American $49.99

Beer Burgers $49.99

Salsa Burger $49.99

Bacon Cheddar $49.99

Salt & Pepper $49.99



Bulk Pork Deals....10 lbs bulk packaging


Country Ribs $39.99

Pork Loin Chops $29.99

Boneless Loin Chops $35.99

Pork Steak $29.99

Seasoned Pork Steaks $35.99



Best Breasts in Town....10 lbs bulk packaging


Untrimmed Chicken Breast $29.99

Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Breast $39.99


Korean Marinated Chicken Breast $49.99


Bourbon Street BBQ Chicken Breast $49.99