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Home Made Menu -------

Beef Jerky
We make all of our jerky in-store from the same quality meats used every day. Swing in anytime and try a sample.


Flavors Include:

+ Original
+ Black Pepper
+ Dill Pickle
+ Teriyaki
+ Jalapeno
+ Honey BBQ
+ Watch the shelves for other flavors!



Carne Asada
Best Carne Asada in the state. Select cuts of beef, vacuum and tumble marinated with pure excellence. Quality itself shines from this dish.


Flavors include:


+ Original Blend
+ Tequila Lime
+ Sweet & Spicy
+ Carnitas (Pork) Asada (seasonal)
+ Pollo (Chicken) Asada (seasonal)



Fresh Bratwurst & Sausage
At Dixie Meats we make over 20 different flavors and styles of sausage. All of them are mind blowingly good. Fantastic for any occasion and always a hit.


Flavors include but are not limited to:

+ Jalapeno Cheddar
+ Bacon Blue

+ Pizza Brat
+ Andouille
+ Ranch Brat
+ Dixie Meats Hotlink + Chorizo

+ Tuscan Redwine and Basil + Mild Italian
+ Hot Italian
+ Beer Brats

+ German Brats + Kielbasa

+ Polish Sausage + Linguiça



Gourmet Burgers
Fresh ground from the best meats in town, seasoned ready for the grill.


Flavors Include:

+ Bacon Blue Burger
+ Prime Rib Burger 
+ Bacon Cheddar
+ Jalapeno Cheddar Burger
+ Beer Burger



Take and Bake
Meals perfectly prepped to toss in your oven and feed the family right.




Funeral Potatoes 

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