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Beef -------

The steak for the steak lover. Marbling made from the steak gods.



New York Strip
The all-around great steak. Not too lean, not to fatty. Great way to treat a crowd.



Bone-in New York with a bone-in filet. Guaranteed to please.



The dream steak, weighing in at over 28 ounces of mouth watering goodness.



Terras Major
An amazing little lean steak with the tenderness of filet mignon.



Tri-Tip Roast or Steak
For when you are done fooling around. Perfect for a grill roast.


Top Sirloin
Nothing beats the flavor of a top sirloin, perfect at medium rare.



Beef Tenderloin
Food for the kings. Tender, lean, delicious. Ask for it wrapped in bacon!



Chuck Pot Roast
It is the reason that the Crock-Pot is a thing.



Ground Beef
Ground fresh, right before your very eyes.



+ Ground Chuck (20%) 

+ Ground Round (appx 15%) 

+ Ground Sirloin (appx 5%) 

+ Gourmet Burger 





















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